September 3rd, 2009

Neuroscience infoporn

This month’s WIRED UK magazine features a remix of one of the well-formed.eigenfactor visualizations in their infoporn section.

Together with my colleagues in Seattle and Umea, I modified the “change over time” visualization to tell a specific story: The formation of neuroscience as a field of its own right over the last decade. Originally scattered across related disciplines (such as medicine, molecular and cell biology or neurology), the neuroscientific journals start to define a niche of their own, reflected in the dense cluster emerging in 2005.


Download a larger version with full explanatory text here: png (1MB) pdf (4MB)

And here is some more in depth info:
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June 10th, 2009

Information aesthetics showcase @ siggraph

The well-formed.eigenfactor project will be at display at the Information Aesthetics Showcase, curated by Victoria Szabo, at SIGGRAPH 2009, August 3–7 in New Orleans. I will also give a little Monday morning talk on the project and am really excited to be part of this first intrusion of the information aesthetics scene into the conference on computer graphics!

January 28th, 2009



Finally, the results of a cooperation with the guys from eigenfactor are online!

For the impatient: here’s the direct link:

The site features 4 different visualizations, trying different approaches to mapping information flow and citation structure in the sciences.

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