September 21st, 2009

Symposium: Living with information

I am excited to announce the following symposium at FH Potsdam:


The symposium »Living with Information: Architecture and Visualization« (October 16 , 2009 at FH Potsdam) will juxtapose experiences and results from the MACE project with thoughts and design approaches from practitioners in the fields of design, architecture and technology. Guided by five central questions, we will explore future trends in information visualization, the relationship of visualization tools and creativity plus issues like information over- and underload.

I am really looking forward to the unique speaker combination we put together:

In addition, Prof. Boris Müller and I will provide a rear-mirror view and outlook of our activities related to the MACE project… A wide spectrum, but hopefully all held together by the central issue of the workshop and the five questions we prepared for the speakers.

Hope to see you there – register soon – space is limited!

On a related note, the Potsdam–based W3C office opens on the day before, which should be quite interesting, too.

January 28th, 2009

Interface design alumni

New (german) video up at vimeo:

Alumni-Diskussionsrunde – 5 Jahre Interface-Design

A recording of the alumni panel at the fifth anniversary of the interface design programme at FH Potsdam. Featuring Carolin Nagel, Andreas Zecher, Jens-Ove Panknin, Timm Kekeritz, and me.

Alumni-Diskussionsrunde – 5 Jahre Interface-Design from Boris Müller on Vimeo.

Haven’t watched it yet, but I guess it’s good :)

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April 5th, 2008

Blast from the past

Hey, I didn’t notice: The Innovationsforum Interaktionsdesign videos are online.
Great talks from one year ago – find my old comments here.