April 28th, 2014

Upcoming appearances

Hey all,

it’s been busy times over here, with a lot of new stuff coming out in May, and also a few new opportunities to see me:

There’s a public Google Hangout with me on Wednesday April 30 organized by the CHI Belgium community. I’ll talk about unusual forms of data visualization – sculptures, food, etc. I think, it will be fun!

Next up: a panel at re:publica on May 06, with Jan Arpe, Maya Ganesh and Tariq Khokhar, on data visualization in a globalized world. I will show the new OECD Regional Well-Being website I have been working on together with Dominikus Baur over the last few months.

And, then there’s a workshop in Munich! Which deserves a post of its own :)

And, then there’s Oslo in June, and Basel in July – let me know in case you want to meet up.

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August 18th, 2011

Chances to see me

I am back after a small summer break in lovely Bavaria. I would like to point you to some events I will take part in.

alpha-ville symposium Sep 23, London

Find out what post-digitalism might actually mean, with, among others: Filip Visnjic – Architect, Lecturer and Founder of Creative Applications Network, Tom Uglow – Director of Creative Labs Europe, Google, Drew Hemment – Director & Founder of Future Everything etc. And me!

decoded conference 2011 Oct 15, Munich

Last year, I was invited as a speaker, and now I come as a visitor and friend. Looking forward to a really interesting mixture of speakers!

EDIT 2011 Oct 21–23, Røros

I hope I am not jumping the gun here, but you might want to have an eye on the EDIT festival in case you are from Norway! Just saying!

visualizing marathon Dec 3–4, Munich Berlin

I like the sportive idea behind the visualizing marathon, where teams of students compete in producing the best visualization in 24 hours. I will be around for the Munich Berlin event, and give a short introductory speech.