September 8th, 2011

Max Planck Research Networks

Science! Multitouch! Networks! All in one project! Can it be true? Yes, it can. Here it is:

Max Planck Research Networks

The multi-touch installation Max Planck Research Networks reveals how Max Planck Institutes collaborate with each other, and with their international partners.

The piece is exhibited at the Max Planck Science Gallery, a highly interactive exhibition space presenting new forms of science communication in Berlin. You should come and visit it.

This is the first larger Java project I ever did, and it would not – at all – have been possible without Christopher Warnow from onformative, so thanks for for the great cooperation! (Big thanks go to the rest of onformative, too – to Cedric for the idea for the label placement algorithm and Julia for the great support with the documentation.)

Big thanks also to my colleagues at Elsevier and Max Planck Gesellschaft, who made the collaboration a real pleasure. I was also quite impressed with the overall project direction of Archimedes, who did a fabulous job of conceiving and realizing the exhibition space.