April 26th, 2010

Beautiful Visualization: The book

“Beautiful Visualization – Looking at data through the eyes of experts” is out (at least the ebook edition). I am proud to be among the authors, along with giants like Aaron Koblin, Fernanda Viega and Martin Wattenberg, Jer Thorp or Jessica Hagy. I mostly flipped through the book up to now, but from what I can see, it comprises a great collection of case studies and reflections by practitioners from the field. So if you always wondered about the stories and considerations behind great visualizations, this could be a very useful resource. My chapter deals with the process behind X by Y, and is available as a pre-print download (2.3MB pdf). I would love to see this book printed, too – if you feel the same, why not pre-order the print edition to speed up the process?

Also noteworthy: All royalties from this book will be donated to Architecture for Humanity.